Runner Training

Where to Start

It is a great time to be a runner. No, really. Think about it. Runners today have a wealth of information at their finger tips. From smart phones, to smart watches, to sweat-wicking clothing, to state-of-the-art running shoes. Anything you want, you can have delivered to your home or office within a couple of days. […]


Issuing an APB

In the law enforcement world an All Points Bulletin (APB) is issued when there a suspect to a crime or person of interest is missing. On second thought, maybe my issuing of an APB is a bit dramatic but I’ve lost something and despite searching high and low, I cannot find it anywhere. Last time […]


The B Word

While scrolling through my social media feeds this week I noticed it’s that time of the year again. You know, that time when runners who were fortunate enough to run a Boston Marathon qualifying time are submitting their entries into the annual Patriot’s Day race. This got me to thinking, at what point is qualifying […]

Disneyland 10k

2016 Disneyland 10K Recap

Typically when a runner is attempting to run a personal best (PR) they train for the specific distance they are running. But that was not the case last weekend as I attempted to best my time in the 10k distance at the Disneyland 10k without actually training to run a 10k. Now do not get […]